Is SEO relevant in 2023


This is the news that gets spread every year. After the ad services, Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and people think and speculate whether will it still be relevant in the coming time. This blog will give you a clear idea of how SEO impacts business and then you can assess its relevancy and power.

Check out the 5 undeniable reasons below.

What is SEO?

In Simple words,  every brand wants to be at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), so they optimize their website to obtain greater visibility on search engines and bring the most interesting traffic to their website this process is called SEO.


Do you know how many types of SEO exist? Want to know then click on the link “Types of SEO“.


Will SEO be relevant in 2023?

SEO is evolving for sure because search engines are upgrading their algorithms to make them more user-centric and therefore SEO is forcing businesses to become more user-friendly and relevant.

  • Search engines are irreplaceable:

Search engines are a constant source of information and the first source where we rush as soon as we need to get even the tiniest of information. Since it is so convenient and handy, it has emerged as a go-to place for everyone trying to seek any kind of information specifically due to its enhanced relevancy and user experience that solely focuses to bring answers people are looking for and hence its dependency on human lives is irreplaceable and therefore the competition for businesses to be present they prominently do not seize in near future, however, it is and it will evolve making room for SEO always.

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  • Search trends suggest the spike in Search volumes of keywords related to SEO Services:

Post the pandemic COVID-19, a lot of businesses that were aloof from coming online have paid the price of non-visibility and less user interaction, the competition to be omnipresent online has increased and therefore even the data on Google Trends Suggests that the monthly searches of keywords like SEO Company, SEO Consultant, SEO Agency, SEO Provider, SEO Consultancy services, Best SEO Company, etc have increased significantly, making it reach to its all-time high for almost all niches. Therefore, SEO is the thing right now and businesses are feeling a kind of FOMO if not leveraging it effectively.

SEO Trends

  • SEO makes your business more User Centric:

As much as the face of business changes, what remains constant is the need and importance of serving their customers and making them feel a sense of trust, understanding, and value. SEO is a marketing practice that preaches to optimize the way your customers view your business and give them the best ever experience. This whole idea is the backbone of building a reliable relationship with customers and hence building your business. Therefore, in that sense SEO is not going away anytime soon.

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  • SEO builds Authority:

With the boom of digital marketing, Consumers have also been exposed to the difference between paid and organic search results. They understand that paid results are fueled through cash burns, however, the organic results are in fact a result of continuous and rather longer efforts that a business puts into its marketing. So, the authority and accuracy of the organic result are pre-assumed. In addition to it, Organic Search results seem more reliable to consumers therefore they get more Click-Through -Rates or CTRs.

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  • Organic Leads have lowered Cost-Per-Lead and better conversion Rates:

Despite the fact that Paid leads can bring immediate business and revenue, Paid Ads demands constant cash allocation and futile or irrelevant leads significantly keeps on increasing the ad budget whereas organic leads tend to have higher conversion rates and come cheaper to the business, although it takes time to make the acquisition mechanism. So, to keep the marketing budget in check and increase the profitability of the business SEO can never be ignored.

Therefore it is safe to say that SEO is and will remain to be relevant in near future and will prove to be a promising source of organic brand-building and customer acquisition channels.

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