Different Types of SEO

How Many Types of Search Engine Optimization “SEO” are in Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is the foundation of Digital Marketing and a sort of service utilized by every online business. Businesses used to advertise their products, services, or brands online, and every brand wants to be at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), so they optimize their website to obtain greater visibility on search engines. This article explains why SEO is crucial for digital marketing tactics and how it may assist our business. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your website to the top of the search results. When a person types a search query into a search engine such as GoogleBing, or Yahoo, the process of obtaining traffic from free, organic, or natural search results on the search engine.

In other words, it is utilized to boost a website’s rating in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). It is advantageous for your website to have stronger quality controls. To better grasp this, let us go through the key components of a critical function in SEO.


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· Quality of Traffic: The term “Quality of Traffic” refers to the fact that you will receive particular traffic from a specific source for specific information.

· Quantity of Traffic: Quantity of traffic indicates that you may acquire more traffic just by clicking on Search Engine Results Pages.

· Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is free traffic that you receive without having to spend anything.




1) On-Page SEO

2) Off-Page SEO

3) Technical SEO

4) Content SEO

5) Local SEO

6) Mobile SEO

7) White Hat SEO

8) Black Hat SEO

9) Grey Hat SEO


Let’s understand them in detailed

1) On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is sometimes referred to as On-Site SEO. On-Page SEO is done on the website where you wish to perform SEO or we say you may apply it on your website so that it is Search Engine Optimized. We get exposure in search engines by using On-Page SEO methods.

It includes

· Title Tag

· Meta Description

· Header Tags

· Sitemap

· Internal Linking

· Page Optimization

· Content Structure

· Image Optimization

· Alt Tags


2) OFF Page SEO: Off-Page SEO is sometimes referred to as Offsite SEO. Off-Page SEO refers to operations that may be performed beyond the confines of your website and are not done directly on your website. Off-Page SEO methods will aid in the improvement of your website’s ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

It includes:

· Directory Submission

· Social Bookmarking

· Article Submission

· Guest Posting

· Forum Submission

· Image Submission

· Video Submission

· PDF Submission

· Blog Commenting

· Press Release


3) Technical SEO: Technical SEO ensures that Search Engine Crawlers can easily crawl and index a website, which enhances readability and delivers a good user experience, resulting in a high-quality site.

It includes:

· Indexing

· Crawlability

· Site Architecture

· Security

· Site Speed


4) Content SEO: On-page SEO is a subset of content SEO. If you have great content, users will be attracted and stay on your site for a longer period of time, so you must choose your content carefully with Keyword Research and use long-tail keywords that are important for your website, as well as include keywords in your Titles, Headings, and Main Content.


5) Local SEO: Local SEO is only for Local Companies. That example, if your objective is to entice customers to visit your Local Business, you should optimize for Local SEO. Because you must advertise your company in Local Directories.


6) Mobile SEO: Mobile SEO indicates that your website is mobile-friendly. This means that when a person searches on Google, they will get a rapid response. Your website loads quickly and is simple to use on mobile devices. Because the majority of Google Searchers utilize Mobile Devices.


7) White Hat SEO: White Hat SEO is the practice of using strategies and procedures to increase a website’s Search Engine Rankings. White Hat SEO adheres to the search engine’s rules. When you use this method, it will take some time to rank for a specific keyword, but the results will be long-lasting. Because it aids in the optimization of a website’s performance.

It includes:

· Quality Content

· Link Building

· Keyword Research


8)  Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is the inverse of white Hat SEO in that it is used to boost search engine ranks in a way that is not permitted by Search Engines since it does not adhere to their standards. When you use this approach, it is rapid, but it is also short-lived.

It includes

· Keyword Stuffing

· Hidden Text

· Hidden Links

· Link Spam


9) Grey Hat SEO: Grey Hat SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimization that is neither black nor white. This is a method that does not entirely rely on black hat SEO because it is a hybrid of the two, i.e. Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. It is also the conversion of white to black or black to white. It makes use of 90% white hat SEO and 10% black hat SEO.

But, when you are first learning, you must only employ White Hat SEO Tactics; however, once you have been educated, you may also utilize Grey Hat SEO techniques. However, never employ Black Hat SEO since you will be blacklisted if Google finds you.



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